Breakfast Bowl farmer’s yoghurt, homemade granola, floral honey, fresh fruit 8.95 [v]
French toast baked sugar bread, fresh fruit and cinnamon sugar 8.95 [v]
B+ breakfast mini yogurt, fresh fruit, scrambled egg bacon and French toast 12.95 [v]

Bruschetta’s – grilled bread with gralic oil

NY pastrami slowly cooked beef with Pickle-relish and American mustard 14.95
Salmon smoked salmon, salmon trilette, crème fraîche and capers 14.95
Grilled vegetables seasonal vegetables with pumpkin hummus and goat cheese 12.95 [v]
Truffle burrata prosciutto burrata stuffed with truffle and freshly sliced parma ham 16.95

Classics – on light wholewheat bread

Breuren Club organic chicken, smoked bacon, organic ham, cheese, fries and fresh salad 14.95
Croquettes 2 beef croquettes, mustard cream and fresh salad 11.95
Fried eggs 3 fried farm eggs, organic ham, smoked bacon and cheese 10.95
Farmer’s grilled cheese organic cheese and/or ham, Breuren sauce and fresh salad 8.95


Bao buns chicken oriental buns with spicy chicken, fresh cabbage, fried onions and hoisin sauce 12.95
Breuren focaccia fresh focaccia from the oven with buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomato and basil 10.95
Flamkuchen Spicy Chicken
bell pepper and green herbs 10.95
Flamkuchen Goat Cheese
sweet onion and arugola 10.95
Flamkuchen Prosciutto
truffle mayonnaise and arugola 10.95

Homemade soup – with bread and aioli

Courgette soup walnut and creme fraiche 7.95 [v]
Classic Tomato soup basil and garlic 7.95 [v]
Soup of the Week changing soup from the season weekly price

B+ Salads – bread and aioli

Caesar Salad grilled organic chicken, egg, walnuts, bacon and Parmesan chese 17.95
Fish salad oriental prawns, smoked salmon and fried fish of the day 19.95
Spinach salad avocado, crispy bacon, nut mix and balsamic syrup 17.95 [v]
Ducksbreast salad duck breast, mixed mushrooms and fig compote 15.95 [v] 

Breuren Cheese fondue

choice of: Woerdens, spicy, truffle or Blue cheese
with seasonal vegetables, fresh baguette 22.95 [v]

For a big appetite

Chicken satay marinated organic chicken, fresh fries, peanut sauce, prawn crackers, atjar 21.95
Breuren Burger
Waards beef, cheddar, bacon, fried egg and fries 19.95
Breuren Steak sweet potato fries, grilled vegetables and beef gravy 24.95
Truffle Ravioli  ravioli with truffle burrata from the oven and rocket salad 17.95

Breuren Kids

Children’s toast casinobread, ham and/or cheese 4.25 [v]
Pancakes 3 pancakes, syrup and icing sugar 5 [v]
Kidsplate choice of frikandel, cheese soufflés or bitterballen, fries and small salad 8.75 [v]
Little sandwich choice of jam, chocolate sprinkles or chocolate spread 3 [v]
Raketje ice cream 1.5

Sweet tooth

Liege waffle chocolate ice cream and pickled cherries 7.95
Choco soufflé hot soufflé with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 7.95
Stroopwafel indulgement caramel ice cream, biscuit crumbs and whipped cream 7.95

Breuren Apple Pie 4.95
Raspberry Cheesecake 4.95
Chocolate cake 5.45
Carrot cake 4.95
+ Whipped cream 0.5


Green olives garlic and Italian herbs 4.95
Breuren Bitesplatter local cheese, charcuterie, homemade dips, bread and olives 17.95 [v]
Yaki Tori 8 pieces Japanese chicken skewers 8.95
Dim Sum Gyoza 8 pieces Oriental vegetarian dumplins with chili sauce 9.95
Fried Prawns 7 pieces, black tiger, chilli, garlic and baguette 11.95
Baguette freshly baked baguette with aioli 6.25 [v]
Breuren Nachos melted cheddar, crème fraîche and fresh tomato salsa 11.95 [v]
Burgundy bitterballen 6/12/18 pieces with mustard cream 6.95/12.95/17.95
Frying mix 6/12/18 pieces of bitterballs, crispy chicken, frikandells and cheese sticks 6.95/12.95/17.95 [v]
Crispy chicken 6 pieces B+ sauce 8.95
Homemade fries freshly fried chips with breuren mayonnaise 4.95 [v]
Sweet potato fries with truffle mayonnaise 5.95 [v]
Breuren Loaded fries freshly fried chips with rendang and crispy onions 12.95